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                                                  Jining Fushun Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 2010; as a limited company, it is located in Zhanghuang Industrial Park, Yutai County, Jining City, Shandong Province, with a land of 38,686 square maters and a registered capital of CNY 17.8 million. Our company has a number of inventions and utility model patented technologies; owing to strong economic strength, technical strength and good social reputation, complete internal legal person governance structure, complete supporting team, standardized management system, and advanced business philosophy, our company has been included in the "Top-Ten Industries of Shandong province" ", and has obtained many honors successfully. The main products of our company are 2,500 t/a of methyl chloroacetate, 2,000 t/a of ethyl chloroacetate and 500 t/a of methyl dichloroacetate. Adhering to the marketing concept of "high-quality products, preferential prices, and excellent services", we have successfully sold our products in all places of the world and maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with global customers; thus we enjoy a very promising future.
                                                  Our company will work with Jining Kangsheng Rainbow Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to build a business model strategy of high-tech biopharmaceutical and high-efficient and environment-friendly pesticide industry chain, and carry out the construction of 2,000 t/a of 3,4-dichlorobenzonitrile; 1,000 t/a of 2,6-dichlorobenzonitrile; 1,000 t/a of 2,3,5-trichloropyridine; 3,000 t/a of o-chlorobenzonitrile; 1,000 t/a of salicylonitrile; 1,500 t/a of p-chlorobenzaldehyde; 5,000 t/a of 2-Chloro-5-chloromethylthiazole; a 70 t/a of R&D pilot project. The total investment of the project is CNY 559.2465 million, and the total area of the plant is 38666.67 square meters, and the total construction area of the project is 21,645 square meters. The area of the newly-built production plant in the first phase is 2080㎡, the area of the pilot plant is 800㎡, the area of the warehouse is 2,792㎡, and the area of the production plant in the second phase is 15,000 square meters, including the original production plant area of 648㎡, and office living area from original project of 775㎡.The products of this project are mainly used for the production of important intermediates for herbicides and pesticides. These products are widely used in pesticides, medicines and dyes, and they are also used in engineering plastic, electronic materials and dyes. Besides large domestic demand, there are also a considerable number of export demands. After the completion of the project and stable operation at full load, the annual total sales income of this project will be CNY 820 million, and tax will be CNY 57.21 million. While increasing national and local fiscal revenue, it can solve the problem of local labor employment and play a leading role in promoting regional economic development.
                                                  Our pilot plant project is a guarantee for our company to master the core technology and grow into an international first-class technology-based chemical enterprise and the most dynamic technology company. It can also serve as a base for technology transformation in the park, and then create an indispensable and favorable conditions for the technology development of Yutai County. It is scheduled to be put into use in 2020, with a total construction area of 1,000 square meters and a planned investment of CNY 40 million. This project is in the file and other related procedures are being processed. After the project is completed, the pilot test of the products of the enterprise reserve project such as the dinotefuran project, the cooling agent ws-23 project, etc., and the industrial scale-up test of the small test results will be carried out to determine the stable and feasible production process and the investigation of the scale regularity of the reaction, product yield and normal operating parameters of the reactor, and make preparation for continuous production. The pilot test is a small-scale production simulation test and is an indispensable link from the laboratory to industrial mass production. Our company has successfully signed the cooperation agreement with Dr. Xu Senmiao, the national "Thousand Talents Plan", to plan the use of the pilot plant to complete the scale test of the dinotefuran project. In addition, we plan to establish school-enterprise cooperation with Nankai University to jointly tackle key problems, accelerate the transformation and industrialization of technological achievements, and build the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Since there is no pilot plant in the park, after the completion of the project, the pilot and results conversion of other enterprises in the county and the park can be expected to be completed in our pilot plant.
                                                  Our company attaches great importance to quality credit and strengthens its own construction. We resist untrustworthy behavior, enhance self-discipline behavior, pursue the corporate reputation, and try to establish a good image of an honest enterprise. Our company places great importance on the innovation of the management system and management methods to achieve sustainable development of the enterprise. Up to now, our company has won the title of many advanced units; sticking to the purpose of being honest and trustworthy, adhering to the policy of "protection of the environment, green and energy saving, safety first, innovative development", upholding the tenet of "customer-centric, get survival by quality, and development by technology" we actively promote the work style of "being professional, enthusiasm, pragmatic", and work hard towards the goal of "cutting-edge product technology, group enterprise and internationalized market"!

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